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The African Americans, had their unique and solid culture of baseball.
At first, they joined the caucasian teams, but in the mid 19th century, they started to form their own teams.

While the enthusiasm of baseball stroke all over the American Continent in Civil War Years(1862-1865), African Americans were in the "Baseball Fever".

In the early 20th Century, there appeared great baseball legend.
His name is Andrew "Rube" Foster.
This great pitcher/slugger, developed the African American baseball through the competition against Major Leaguers, like Tyrus Raymond Cobb(Ty Cobb).

African Americans spread all over the Carribean Islands or nations, like Cuba, Dominica, Puerto Rico, or Venezuela.
They also came to Japan in 1920s-1930s.
They marked some records, as the firsts or greats in Japan.

Negro League Legends, or their successors, contributed to the development of the Major League Baseball from mid 20th century to these days.

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