AFAB Activities
* Contributions

We have been sending equipments such as balls, gloves and bats to Africa. When it comes down to it, you can enjoy baseball without them, but it is more fun to play with the gears.

* Baseball team in Japan

We have been organizing a baseball team consists of Africans in Japan. As of now, the Africa All Stars has been formed in Tokyo. We provide the equipments and coaches for the African players and it is absolutely free to participate.

* Introduction

We also help introducing baseball to Africa. There are 16 countries in Africa with baseball associations and Japanese are coaching for the 4 of them and we are taking a part. AFAB will keep you updated with what baseball activities are going on in Africa.

* Publication

[Africa To Hakyuu] has been published in Japan in 2003 to raise funds for AFAB. The book is about the relationship of people in Ghana and a Japanese to conquer the differences in our culture and customs.