What is Hand-Hitball?
Handhitball in Ghana

Baseball is very popular in Japan.
If you come to this country, you cannot spend the time without knowing even a glimpse of the sports news about baseball.
These news are about plays, management of the team, contracts of the players, or any gossip news with the famous actors or actresses, singers, as the football(soccer) players are, in europe.
Yes, you can see, baseball players in Japan, are the "STAR OF THE CENTURY".

Of course it is originated from the old American game, "TOWN BALL" of the 19th century, and imported to Japan in late decades of this century.
But, Japanese people added many cultural "flavours" to this sport, and "Japanese" baseball became a part of culture of this country.

One of the "flavours" is "hand-hitball".
As Japan lost for World War 2 and her economy is heavily damaged in the middle of the 20th century, many kids without equipments hungered for "baseball", invented "hand-hitball(Sankaku-Baseball)", and enjoyed this game, to become their "Superstars".

Just imagine.
Kids always look up for their superstars...Samson Siasia, Daniel Amokachi, Patrick Mboma...these football players were always kids' dream.

Japanese kids are playing hand-hitball

And so it was, and is, in Japan. Kids of the mid 20th century wanted to become Nagashima, Oh, or any other baseball star players. They became these stars, when they hit the soft ball, or piece of paper, with their hands or sticks. Kids of these days...want to be Ichiro or Matsui.

"Hand-hitball" is quite a basic form of baseball.
You can see in first official baseball rules, "Alecxander Cartwright's Nickerbockers' Rules",

"There is no strike-outs without swinging."

Yes, baseball is basically a "hitting" sport, and "hand-hitball" has the essence of this sport, succeded to, for centuries.

We want to spread this "hand-hitball" all over the world. You can see some of this kind of amusement in Carribean Islands or North America, but, they are not so popular just like in Japan.
Let's enjoy "hand-hitball", and know, it is exciting for kids. Kids may not be able to touch the ball, when they are on the football field, but any kid can hit a ball when they are playing "hand-hitball".

Don't forget this, and have a fun!