The Association for Friends of African Baseball Hand-Hitball Rules for Coaches Part2


4. Safe and Out

When a hitter hits a ball within the V-shaped area, he runs toward the first base. A Catch Team player who caught the ball throws it quickly to the first base, while another Catch Team player near the first base receives it with his foot on the base. It's the race between the ball and the hitter. If the ball gets to the first base before the hitter does, the hitter is "out" and the next person in the order is to hit. If the hitter gets to the first base before the ball arrives, the hitter is "safe", and remains on the first base as a "runner".

+ When both the ball and the hitter get to the first base at the same time, or if its judgement is difficult for you, you judge it "SAFE".
+ A hitter who was put out must leave the home plate and wait until next turn for him to hit.
+ A hitter who was safe remains on the base as a runner and waits until next hitter hits a ball within the V-shaped area.
+ The runner is allowed to move from the base when a hitter hits a ball. (The runner will then run toward the next base.)
+ In baseball, runners are allowed to attempt to advance, or steal a base, while the pitcher is on throwing, but it is not the case in Hand-Hitball.
+ If the ball was caught and thrown by a Catch Team player, and it gets to the second base before the runner occupied the first base at the time of pitch, the runner is out.
+ Sometimes a rule is adopted, a hitter or a runner is put out when they are hit by a ball thrown from Catch Team players.

5. Switching between Defense and Offense

After three Hit Team players are put out, the Hit Team becomes a Catch Team, and the opposing team becomes a Hit Team. This exchange in roles comes in turn. The teams can discuss between them and decide how many times they continue this switch before completing the game.

+ In baseball, the unit of this exchange in roles between two teams, is called an "inning". Generally, one game of the baseball consists of nine innings, and the first half of an inning is called the "top" of an inning, while the later half is called "bottom" of the inning.
+ To make a game simple and quick, the switch between the teams can be made after two outs, instead of three.
+ Scores are kept in a table as shown below.

# Game A team(top) against B team(bottom), 6 innings

The Association for the friends of African Baseball - handhitball scoreboard

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