The Association for Friends of African Baseball Hand-Hitball Rules for Coaches Part1



Baseball is one of the popular ball sport in Olympic Games, each players throw, hit, and run under elaborate rules. It is a peaceful but quite an exciting sport, every team compete on imagination and skills. However...all players need to prepare some equipments and learn complex rules a bit, to play this sport.
Although "Hand-Hitball" is generally a mere game for kids, it allows you to experience the joy of baseball in an easy manner. A small ball is the only equipment required, and the rules are easy to learn. "Hand-Hitball" is also a highly educative sport, every child is given equal chances to have a turn at bat and can acquire the spirit of cooperation.
With learning eight elements, every kid can enjoy the excitement and joy of this game, and this instruction sheet explains each element to details. We hope you to make use this sheet for introducing this game to children.

*Elements of the Game and Explanations

Following eight elements are required to play gHand Hit Ballh. Please understand the explanations thoroughly.


Find a ground with appropriate area and place "home plate", "first base (on the right side)", and "second base (on the left side)", in a way those bases form a v-shape. Set a "pitch plate" between "first base" and "second base". The only equipment needed, is a small ball.

+ In baseball, four bases are used and the bases -- home plate, first base, second base, and third base -- are placed in a way that the bases make a gDiamondh. In Hand Hit Ball, however, we use only three bases to make it simple.
+ Pitch plate is the place for a pitcher to throw a ball from.
+ Generally, a fist-sized, and soft rubber ball is used for playing gHand Hit Ballh. If you cannot find a rubber ball, roll and band a piece of newspaper to use it as a ball. You could also use a soccer ball and, in that case, hitters can kick the ball instead of hitting it.

2. Forming Teams, or Hit & Catch

Divide players into two teams. Any number of players can be in each team. One is a "Hit Team" and the other one is a "Catch Team". Each player on the "Hit Team" stands by the home plate, and attempts to hit the thrown ball, in turn. players on the "Catch Team" take their positions in the V-shaped area, and try to catch the ball, hit by a hitter.

The Association for the friends of African Baseball - handhitball field

+ Having four to six players on each team may be appropriate.
+ Usually, having same number of players on each team is desirable. You can also balance the strengths of the teams by, for example, having four elder kids on one team and six younger kids on the other.
+ In case of baseball, number of the players on each team is determined to be nine and defensive position for each player is set for them to defend effectively, and to cover each other. (Check the figure on the former page.) On positioning players, learning from baseball is advisable.

3. Pitching And Hitting

One of the players from the Catch Team throws a ball from the pitch plate to the home plate along the ground or with one hop. A hitter stands by the home plate, and hits the ball with a hand or a stick. Exact rules on how to throw and hit, can be discussed with players. Have a hitter hit until the ball falls within the V-shaped area.

+ It is important for a pitcher to throw an easy ball to hit.
+ Adjust distance between the pitcher and a hitter depending on the situation.
+ When the ball hit by a hitter falls outside the V-shaped area, itfs called "foul". A batter who hit a foul keeps trying to hit until the ball falls within the V-shaped area.

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