Africa All Stars

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African members are always wanted

We are always looking for African members, interested in baseball, interested in to communicate with Japanese people, or to have fun with us. Please join us!

The guide to Africa All Stars

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Playing baseball is fun!

Baseball is quite a popular sport in Japan. As it was originated in U.S., it is very popular in many countries or regions around Carribean Sea, especially in Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, or Venezuela. It owes to the efforts for spreading baseball by African American baseball players, in former half of the 20th Century.

Playing baseball is always a fun, because any player has a chance to hit, to catch, or to throw the ball. Baseball is quite a democratic sport, while other team sports choose players' talent to play them.
We would like all of you to know, it is joyable to play baseball. Baseball looks very complicated, but its basic rules are simple.


Therefore, we enjoy playing baseball games in "Kusa-Yakyu" season, from March to November, once or twice a month. As you can see in the picture above, sometimes Japanese famous baseball coaches or players comes up, and teach baseball(you can see Mr.Yamauchi, 2001 Japanese Baseball Hall of Famer, the greatest hitting coach of Japanese baseball history, teaching how to throw the ball to Eric, the member of Africa All Stars). And, we sometimes join the baseball tournament for the winning. Africa All Stars is established in 2004, still a "young" team, and we always welcome the new comers.


E-mail address:

cell phone:090-2152-8076(Ryo Kosuda)

tel/fax: 03-6277-3812(from outside of Japan, +81-3-6277-3812, Ryo Kosuda)